The company was founded in in 2003. Grashoff & Schumm consultants generally have over 10 years’ business experience. Almost all of us have many years’ experience in project management as well as in line management positions. Typically, we have proven track records in all phases of projects from set-up to hand over to operation. Furthermore, we can prove experience in IT management ranging from change management in IT to formal support in RFI / RFPs. Please contact us to get to know us in person.


Dr. Henning Grashoff

Dr. Thomas Pielok

Thorsten Pohlmann

Dr. Andreas Schumm

Dr. Marta Subirats Reixach

Olaf Grigas

Nicole Scheundel

Christian Pirke

Christian Dölpl

Franziska Siebert

Khaschayar Dirinpur

Nadine Winkler

Beatrix Grashoff

Dr. Helmut Faerber

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